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Central news portal with fresh news from the best web pages and blogs around the globe. Read only the best!


Zootopia Passes $1 Billion at the Box Office

Zootopia is the fourth-ever animated film to reach this milestone. 1352 days ago


Overwatch Fans Have Turned DVA Into A Dorito-Eating Gremlin

According to Overwatch’s story, Hana Song used to be a professional StarCraft 2 player. That’s DVA’s entire schtick, really: she’s a big gamer. Fans have run with that premise, and taken it to its logical (and somehow a... 1352 days ago


The Division Underground DLC release date leaked on Amazon

The Division Underground is the first of three DLC packs. 1352 days ago


Saints Row Developer Announces Agents of Mayhem

The new game from the makers of Saints Row mixes heroes, villains, and M.A.Y.H.E.M. 1352 days ago


Yooka-Laylee Looks Like So Much Fun

The bad news: Yooka-Laylee is delayed to 2017. The good news: It looks wonderful. New trailer above.Read more... 1352 days ago


Blizzard Looking at Cross-console Play for Overwatch

The Overwatch Twitter account has been answering questions about cross-platform play. 1352 days ago


Yooka-Laylee Delayed to 2017

"Ultimately, this will allow us to release a better game to the thousands of fans who’ve supported us throughout development." 1352 days ago


Today's Best Deals: Oil Diffusers, Kitchen Knives, Running Shoes, and More

A highly rated knife set, Anker oil diffusers , and Mizuno running shoes lead off Monday’s best deals.Read more... 1352 days ago


Dishonored 2's Star Needs A Hug

James Cain is a freelance sculptor and illustrator from the UK.Read more... 1352 days ago


Fan-made Star Wars Battlefront 3 Remake Approved for Steam

A free, fan-made Star Wars Battlefront 3 remake will be coming to Steam under a different name. 1352 days ago


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Announced

A newly-announced HD remaster of Final Fantasy 12 will bring the Zodiac job system to the West for the first time. 1352 days ago


Xbox One Getting Cortana Voice Commands and More

Microsoft has plans to launch two updates, with the first batch of new features rolling out to Xbox Preview members this week. 1352 days ago


Hearts of Iron 4 Review

Experiencing the finer points of all-out war in a truly grand strategy simulation. 1352 days ago


Deadspin UFC Throws Reporter Out Of Event, Bans Him For Life For Reporting News | Jezebel Father of

Deadspin UFC Throws Reporter Out Of Event, Bans Him For Life For Reporting News | Jezebel Father of Stanford Rapist Argues His Son Should Not Be Punished for ‘20 Minutes of Action’ | Gizmodo Verizon’s “Can You Hear ... 1352 days ago


Xbox One Deals of The Day: Halo: The Master Chief Collection for Under £8

Get Assassin's Creed Unity for under £2, Quantum Break is now under £22, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for under £10 & more! 1352 days ago


Telltale's Batman, TWD: Season 3 Release Windows Revealed

Batman fans eager to check out Telltale's DC-inspired adventure don't have very long to wait. 1352 days ago


The Enduring Legacy of Pikachu's Butt

As far as Pokémon rears go, Pikachu has one of the most beloved butts around.Read more... 1352 days ago


Tokyo Looks Haunting at Night

Photographer Franck Bohbot has done a beautiful job of capturing how beautifully eerie the Tokyo streets can look once the sun goes down.Read more... 1352 days ago


Shot on Rollei SuperPan 200.

Beppu, Oita Prefecture, Japan. By Mason Hall. Read more... 1352 days ago


It really was that easy.

Read more... 1352 days ago


What Infinity Ward Can Learn from the Missteps of Ghosts

Infinite Warfare is a fresh start for Infinity Ward, but that doesn't mean it can't learn from its last CoD game. 1352 days ago


Preacher: Episode 2 Review

Two strangers in town have plans for Jesse, while we get an intriguing look at the past. 1352 days ago


Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Eight-Bit Reviews: Byte-Sized Revi

ews Of Early 2016 Games • Intellectual Properties That Would Make For Terrible Video Games • Th... 1353 days ago


Take IGN AU's Survey on Virtual Reality

Are you planning on buying a VR headset this year? Tell us what you think about gaming's newest horizon. 1353 days ago


Good Cosplay You Got There, Atlanta

Atlanta’s MomoCon was held over the weekend, and there was some good cosplay on show.Read more... 1353 days ago


A Look At Some Of The Animation Behind Overwatch

Those Overwatch characters didn’t just animate themselves. Someone had to get in there and make them move, and Blizzard’s David Gibson is one of those responsible.Read more... 1353 days ago


There's A Little Game Of Thrones In The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine

Fanfic writers aren’t the only ones penning Game of Thrones/The Witcher crossovers. Developer CD Project Red slipped their own into the latest Witcher 3 DLC. Read more... 1353 days ago


Rise of Iron Trademarked by Bungie

A trademark listing for Rise of Iron has emerged after information on Destiny's next expansion leaked. 1353 days ago


Snacktaku Eats A&W Root Beer And Orange Crush Pop-Tarts

When Kellogg’s and the Dr. Pepper Snapple company announced they would be collaborating on a pair of soda-flavored Pop-Tarts, we here at Snacktaku scoffed. You should have heard the scoffing. It was Olympic-level scoffi... 1353 days ago

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