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Central news portal with fresh news from the best web pages and blogs around the globe. Read only the best!

Working Mother

10 Ways to Simplify Your Mornings

In many homes, mornings are a mad dash to get everyone off to work, school, daycare, the bus or wherever they need to go. Shower, breakfast, teeth brushing—so much has to be done in a short time. It can be tough to leave the house on time without complet... 1646 days ago

Working Mother

10 Video Games with Strong Female Characters

Image:  Photo by: Working Mother Editor Half the Sky Movement: The Game Half the Sky Movement: The Game is a Facebook game that explores the challenges women face around the world, such... 1657 days ago

Working Mother

10 Books That Help Kids Feel Ready for School

Image:  Photo by: Working Mother Editor Rosie Goes to Preschool, by Karen Katz Bestselling children's author Karen Katz provides a gentle introduction to preschool in her new picture bo... 1663 days ago

Working Mother

11 Fun School Supplies for the New School Year

Image:  Photo by: http://ptalink.org/fundraising/sales/school-supply-box/ School Supplies Photo by: http://ptalink.... 1663 days ago

Working Mother

Family Fun: Maximize the Final Days of Summer

It'll soon be time to relinquish beach bags and relaxing in shimmery sand to the a.m. scramble of packing work bags and lunchboxes. But don't stow the flip flops and swimsuits just yet. Summer is still here—in fact, until September 22 this year. M... 1665 days ago

Working Mother

Brain and Body Boosters: Preschool Edition

School is out, and, while your preschoolers may have an agenda of splashing through the kiddie pool, painting their tongues a fruity shade of ice pop and becoming architects specializing in sand, their learning should not be taking a vacation this summer. ... 1686 days ago

Working Mother

5 Fun Ideas for Family Reunions

Getting extended family together is a special time to reconnect, strengthen family ties and let the kids run wild with their far-flung cousins. Make the most of your togetherness with these five fun tips for festive family reunions.    1. Get crafty... 1693 days ago

Working Mother

How to Balance Kids and Work in the Summer

Working mothers everywhere groan about summer for the simple reason that while school is out, work is not. Summer represents the ultimate juggling act as we try to manage spending time with our kids while fulfilling our professional responsibilities. On top o... 1695 days ago

Working Mother

17 Apps That Inspire Kids to Play Outside

Image:  Photo by: Working Mother Editor Project Noah Age: 9Quality: 4/5Learning: 4/5 Photo by: Working Mother ... 1712 days ago

Working Mother

25 Hottest Celeb Dads with Cute Babies

Image:  Photo by: Working Mother Editor Justin Timberlake Musician, Producer, Actor, Comedian, EntrepreneurChildren: Silas, newborn ... 1723 days ago

Working Mother

4 Summer Volunteering Ideas for Busy Families

For working moms, scheduling summer camp and vacation can feel like an extension of the already packed school year. No wonder it’s tough for most families to fit in time to volunteer, too. To help, here are four top tips for doing good together this season. &... 1725 days ago

Working Mother

Pet Project: How to Get Kids to Care for Their Animals

May is National Pet Month, which you probably know already if Fido or Fluffy greets you at the door when you come home every day. But for those of you on the fence about having a pet—while hearing a constant barrage of ... 1747 days ago

Working Mother

Kids' Summer Movie Guide

Image:  Photo by: Kids' Summer Movie Guide 2015 Hit the Multiplex! When the kids aren't bingeing on Minecraft or (hopefully) playing outside this summer, chances are they'll be clamorin... 1748 days ago

Working Mother

9 Board and Card Games that Celebrate Earth Day

Image:  Photo by: Working Mother Editor Hit the Boards Sure, a great thing to do with your family on Earth Day is to go outside, clean up a patch of grass and maybe plant something. But... 1771 days ago

Working Mother

21 Great Children's Books of the Year

Image:  Photo by: Working Mother Editor The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss Ages 6–9In this classic Dr. Seuss book, children are introduced to the concept of environmental conservation and the role... 1814 days ago

Working Mother

16 Best Family Movies of the Year

Image:  Photo by: Working Mother Editor How to Train Your Dragon 2 Ages 7+ It's rare to love a sequel as much as the original, but the filmmakers breathed magical fire into this fo... 1834 days ago

Working Mother

Wrap It Up! Kid-Made Wrapping Paper

The whole family can get involved in this activity—the more the merrier! Use non-toxic paint in cheerful colors (plus glitter, if you’re in a sparkly mood) to get these great looks devised by Rachel Sumner and Ruth Mitchener, authors of Recipes for Play. ... 1895 days ago

Working Mother

20 Best Children's Books of 2014

Image:  Photo by: Working Mother Editor Rupert Can Dance, by Jules Feiffer Ages 3–5For any child who has wondered what animals do at night, Rupert Can Dance will spark their imagination... 1896 days ago

Working Mother

5 Apps That Help You Give Back

Image:  Photo by: Working Mother Editor iGive Donate to causes you care about when you shop for gifts online. The iGive browser app will automatically activate when you shop at one of t... 1904 days ago

Working Mother

Holiday Parenting for Single Moms

The holidays are a crazy-busy time of year for all parents—but if you’re a single mom, you may feel double the pressure. You want your kids to enjoy this festive time of year, and you may be tempted to give them a full-scale winter wonderland all on your own.... 1905 days ago

Working Mother

Kid Fitness: Snow Goings-On

Sand Castle Twist Morph thr summer sand-creation concept into snow castles. In the backyard, have the kids plan out the castle’s size, shape, towers and height of walls. Let them measure and mark the perimeter in the snow. Following the line, build outer wall... 1911 days ago

Working Mother

“Mommy Loves Her Smartphone More Than Me!”

Your child seems engrossed in a TV show, so you quickly check your smartphone’s email. While at the park with your little one, you answer a quick text from a co-worker…that turns into a follow-up phone call. You’re waiting in line at a movie theatre with your... 1912 days ago

Working Mother

5 Sweet Bedtime Books for Little Ones

Image:  Photo by: Working Mother Editor Chengdu Could Not, Would Not, Fall Asleep, by Barney Saltzberg Photo by: Wo... 1915 days ago

Working Mother

5 Ways to Give Back as a Family

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of year, but they're also the busiest. You’ve got umpteenth holiday concerts to attend, another school fundraiser to rally for and, yes, your son just lost his gloves (again). And then there's work—let us not forget... 1933 days ago

Working Mother

8 Kids Books that Focus on Kindness

Photo by: Working Mother Editor Found, by Salina Yoon Every child can relate to the plight of Bear, who's found a stuffed rabbit in the forest that he comes to love—even as he knows there's someone out there who is surely missing this wonder... 1936 days ago

Working Mother

When It's Time for the Same-Sex Chat

“Why are there two mommies and no daddy in Olivia’s family?” your child may ask at some point. Kids are increasingly aware of same-sex relationships and may even wonder about same-sex marriage, which is legal in many states. And while this might feel like a l... 1938 days ago

Working Mother

12 Best Family Cars of 2014

Image:  Photo by: Working Mother Editor best car thumb Photo by: Working Mother Editor Narrowing It Down...... 1944 days ago

Working Mother

Mother-in-Law 101

Throughout the history of joke-making—and possibly for all time—mothers-in-law have gotten a bum rap: They’re too pushy with their opinions about the grandkids. They’re too hands-off with the grandkids. They don’t treat us like they treat their own children. ... 1946 days ago

Working Mother

5 Habits Working Parents Should Break—Now

If you're like me, a consistent routine helps your family stay organized. But my routine has historically been accompanied by a few seemingly insignificant behaviors that, over time, turn into big problems. After talking to fellow parents, I realized that man... 1961 days ago

Working Mother

8 Wordless Books—and Why They're Wonderful for Kids

Photo by: Working Mother Editor The Lion & the Mouse, by Jerry Pinkney “Wordless books allow kids to create their own sense of story,” says Jennifer Brown, director of the Center for Children’s Literat... 1967 days ago

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