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Central news portal with fresh news from the best web pages and blogs around the globe. Read only the best!


Design Templates for Making Your Own Decorative Cat Shelf from CNC Factory

CNC machines are becoming increasingly accessible to crafters and DIY enthusiasts, so some designers are creating DIY patterns that you can use to make your own cool products. CNC Factory has some very fun downloadable ... 1354 days ago

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Wool and Canvas Dog Beds from Vackertass Supply Co.

These modern, box-style dog beds from Vackertass Supply Co. are handcrafted with classic, time-tested materials like wool and heavy weight canvas. 1355 days ago


They Mysterious Cat Ladies of Kurtis Rykovich

I’m attending Phoenix Comicon this week on the look out for all things cat (of course!) So far, one of my favorite finds is the art of Kurtis Rykovich. He paints hauntingly beautiful portraits of women and well-known female characters, quite often with ... 1355 days ago

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Braided Linen Rope Collars and Leads from MiaCara

MiaCara's latest collection of collars and leads is handcrafted in Italy from heathered linen rope and full-grain leather. 1356 days ago

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Cute Dog Patches from Kodiak Milly

These super-sweet embroidered patches from Kodiak Milly are like membership badges for the dog-lovers' club. 1357 days ago

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Stylish Training Pads from Metro Paws

House training pads don't have to look like giant white diapers! These pads from Metro Paws feature stylish prints making training less of an eyesore. 1358 days ago


Cotton Bumper Bed for Cats from West Paw Design

The quality of everything that comes from West Paw Design never ceases to amaze me, and their Cotton Bumper Bed for Cats is no exception! This classic design surrounds cats with a comfy bolster and has a removable, reversible inner pillow inside. It’s j... 1358 days ago


Enter To Win an Outlaw Kitty Metal Charm!

Here’s your chance to win an Outlaw Kitty Metal Charm! Make a statement that you’re not the average cat lady! This wearable piece of art is completely handmade of steel, created with the finest craftsmanship by metal artist Jon WATTO Watson. Powder coated for... 1358 days ago


Mountain Pet Products Scratcher Giveaway Winner

Congrats to Amy D. from Franklin, PA! You’re the lucky winner of the new 35 Inch Modular Vertical Scratching Post from Mountain Pet Products! I know you and your cat will love it! Special Discount for Hauspanther Readers! Don’t forget! You can sav... 1359 days ago


Cats & Ukuleles!

These fun kitty designs are from Julia and Dave, the husband and wife team behind Shred My Couch. Julia is a visual artist and she creates all the original designs with inspiration from their four feline family members while Dave helps run the business side o... 1361 days ago

Dog Milk

Illustration by Kanae Sato

Simple yet endearing, Kanae Sato's illustrations of dogs, people, and other wonderful creatures are sure to make you smile. 1361 days ago


Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

This is brilliant! I’ve seen lots of DIY ideas for cutting access holes for cats through interior doors but finishing the edges of the cutout is always the biggest challenge. Unless you are a professional carpenter (or want to hire one), the results can... 1362 days ago


Giotto’s Pet Lounger

This stunning piece of feline design is from Giotto Cat Furniture in London. Giotto’s Pet Lounger is named after this gorgeous Russian Blue, who is the inspiration for his parents, Rob and Giia. Rob is a product designer and Giia is an interior architec... 1363 days ago


Multi-Tiered Jute Cat Climber & Scratcher from Prevue Pet

We had a chance to give the Multi-Tiered Jute Cat Climber & Scratcher from Prevue Pet a test run and we have only good news to report! There are a lot of things I like about this product, and as you can see, the cat... 1363 days ago


Adorable Cat Paper Art from LovePop Cards

I’ve always been fascinated with 3-D paper art, so when I saw these fabulous designs from LovePop Cards I was immediately smitten. LovePop Cards was started by two Naval architects who became obsessed with the art of handcrafted paper cards when they we... 1363 days ago

Dog Milk

Modern Dog Accessories from Citizen x Hound

Inspired by the unique cultures in and around their home base of NYC, Citizen x Hound's dog accessories are aimed at modern pups of all stripes! 1364 days ago


New Refined Feline Zen Scratcher & Perch SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING!

I can’t believe how many terrific new products are coming from The Refined Feline, and this one might be my favorite! It’s the new Zen Cat Scratcher & Perch, another multi-functional and attractive piece... 1364 days ago

Dog Milk

Summer Shirts and Bandanas from Dog Threads

Dog Threads' tropical shirts and bandanas are perfect for summer BBQs! Plus, a portion of all proceeds goes to Secondhand Hounds dog rescue. 1365 days ago


New Brain Mover Cat Activity Toy from Trixie

Here’s a new interactive cat activity toy from Trixie. It’s the Brain Mover and it has all kinds of moving compartments where you hide treats and let your cat nose around until she finds them. There are sliding panels, levers and balls, each provi... 1365 days ago

Dog Milk

Colorful Leather Collars & Leashes from Nice Digs

Nice Digs' collection of leather dog collars and leads feature multi-color studded spikes and colorful, hand-painted patterns. 1365 days ago


Two Beautiful New Designs from Catswall Coming Soon to the US! SPECIAL PRE-ORDER DISCOUNT!

Catswall has added two amazing new designs to their catalog of beautiful and functional cat products and our friends over at ShopMeoow.com are bringing them to the US, plus they are offering a special discount just for ... 1366 days ago


Dr. Catsby Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Joan B. from Holly Springs, NC! You’re the lucky winner of the Dr. Catsby Stainless Steel Anti-Whisker Stress Cat Food Bowl! We hope that all whiskers in your home will find some relief. 1366 days ago


Retro-Style Cat Illustrations From Gemini Studio

Graphic designer Stephen Fowler created his line of whimsical retro-style animal illustrations as a little side project, and it has grown into a thriving business. If you’re looking for just the right piece of cat art for that blank wall, he might have ... 1367 days ago

Dog Milk

Spotted: A Great Dane and A Yorkie Share a Colorful New Mexico Home

Despite the huge difference in physical stature, Luka the Yorkie and Liberty the Great Dane share a colorful, plant-filled home in New Mexico. 1369 days ago


Jackson Galaxy Space Station for Cats is Out of This World!

Nope, it’s not a laundry basket, this is the new Space Station for Cats from the Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate, and kitties think it’s out of this world! The Space Station has a whole bunch of feature... 1369 days ago

Dog Milk

Modern Raised Dog Feeders from Claymark Furniture

Modern raised feeders from Claymark Furniture are both functional and beautiful. 1370 days ago


Worcester Art Museum Opens MEOW: A Cat-Inspired Exhibition

The Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts has created a one-of-a-kind, multi-faceted cat-themed project that you won’t want to miss! Meow, running May 21 through September 4, 2016, will include an exhibition explo... 1370 days ago


Rattan Cat Beds with Rustic Charm

Here are two interesting cat beds with rustic flair. The dark rattan gives them a rich look that would work well in an eclectic or more traditional interior. The bed above offers a soft cushion on top creating a lovely lookout and a cozy hideaway below for mo... 1371 days ago

Dog Milk

Adjustable Elevated Dog Feeders from Messy Mutts

Messy Mutts' raised feeder comes with 3 sets of legs at varying heights, so you can adjust the feeder height as your dog grows. 1371 days ago


New Catalpa Cat Tree from The Refined Feline Redefines the Cat Tree! LIMITED TIME SAVINGS!

The Refined Feline is absolutely on fire with new products this season! In addition to their hugely popular A-Frame Cat Bed & Scratcher, they are also introducing a new cat tree that is unlike any other! Behold the ... 1371 days ago

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