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Truth about cars

Central news portal with fresh news from the best web pages and blogs around the globe. Read only the best!

Truth about cars

Mercedes-Benz Isn’t Popular with Women, but Wooing Them Could be Dangerous

Women play a very large role in the purchase of new vehicles, and automakers are scrambling to tap into the demographic — among them, the staid, dignified and traditionally male-centric Mercedes-Benz. The German automak... 1172 days ago

Truth about cars

Clone Wars: Jaguar Land Rover Still Pissed About Chinese Evoque Knock-Off, Files Lawsuit

When is a Range Rover Evoque not a Range Rover Evoque? When it’s a Landwind X7 — a carbon copy Chinese imitation that Jaguar Land Rover wants out of the picture. According to a report in Reuters, the automaker rec... 1172 days ago

Truth about cars

‘Project Pinnacle’: Cadillac Promises a New Sales Experience, but Dealers are Wary

It’s D-Day, so what better time to dish details on Cadillac’s secretive Project Pinnacle? The luxury automaker plans to completely revamp how its dealers interact with customers — a strategy that even change... 1172 days ago

Truth about cars

In Electric Leasey-Land, Up Is Down And Suburbans Are Cheaper Than Tahoes

Okay, I admit: I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. It’s not really for me; Mrs. Baruth works in finance. (Without which, as you pimps and players out there should know, there’s no romance.) Rarely do I r... 1172 days ago

Truth about cars

Junkyard Find: 1985 Buick Riviera

In 1979, the Riviera moved onto the front-wheel-drive Toronado/Eldorado platform, continuing the tradition of rococo Riviera personal luxury coupes that started back in 1963. This version of the Riviera was built through the 1985 model year, so we’re lo... 1172 days ago

Truth about cars

Life Imitating Art with Norway’s 2025 Fossil-Fuel Vehicle Ban?

Elon Musk tweeted his joy when a Norwegian paper announced a proposed ban of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles in the nordic country by 2025. The proposal itself is built upon good intentions. By eliminating sales of fossil-... 1173 days ago

Truth about cars

See the World from a Tesla Model X, Pay a Really Big Windshield Replacement Bill

Tesla Model X owners might want to double check their insurance coverage before hitting those rural highways in search of ecologically sensitive adventure. Now that the electric SUV is rolling out of Fremont in bigger n... 1174 days ago

Truth about cars

Average Fuel Economy Rises, So You Know Gas Prices Are Going Up

Drivers aren’t getting the same deal at the pumps as they were last winter, and the gas mileage of new vehicles shows it. Researchers at the University of Michigan say the average sales-weighted fuel economy of ne... 1174 days ago

Truth about cars

Have a Happy National Donut Day, and Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

It’s supposed to be about celebrating sugary rings of fried dough, but automotive enthusiasts know what National Donut Day is really about. Our vehicles, for the most part, put up with a life of endless drudgery. ... 1175 days ago

Truth about cars

GM’s Diesel-Powered HD Pickups Get Ram-Air Hood Scoop to Keep Things Cool

You remember the hood scoop on that teased 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD? The one General Motors really wanted you to notice? Well, GM spilled the beans on the mystery inlet, explaining that all of its diesel-powered 2017 heav... 1175 days ago

Truth about cars

Returning the ‘Zephyr’ Name to the Lincoln Lineup Would be Pointless

After standing outside the party in the cold, hoping someone inside would hear its plaintive knocking, Lincoln Motor Company is now on the sales rebound. The restyled MKX is a hit, we’re getting a better looking (... 1175 days ago

Truth about cars

Tesla Model 3’s Final Design is Still Six Weeks Away: Musk

Four weeks after he said the Model 3’s design was six to nine weeks from being finalized, Tesla CEO Elon Musk now says he’ll need six more weeks until the affordable EV is off the drawing board. Got that? Wh... 1175 days ago

Truth about cars

Avoid Brake Checking Crashes With This One Weird Tip

The difference between genius and stupidity, they say, is that there is a limit to genius. How else can you can explain the latest brake checking crash video making the rounds? But if you’re willing to limit your ... 1175 days ago

Truth about cars

FCA Discovers It’s Very Difficult to Give Away the Chrysler 200

The 200 is certainly approaching death’s door more rapidly than first anticipated. First, there was a temporary plant shutdown as a reaction to an inventory glut. Then, in response to the market’s clarification that, ye... 1175 days ago

Truth about cars

2017 Audi A5 and S5: The Difference is in the Details

If you’re looking for a revolution in design, you won’t get it from the next-generation Audi A5 and S5. Audi unveiled its redesigned personal luxury coupe last night, following a glitzy light show at the aut... 1175 days ago

Truth about cars

Why Spot Delivery Needs To Go Away, Now

Spending hours or days negotiating for a vehicle can be a taxing experience, so reaching an agreeable price feels like a big accomplishment for car shoppers. It seems reasonable to let your guard down and relax as you enter the F&I office to finish up the... 1175 days ago

Truth about cars

Truck Careens Through Two States Before Cops Shoot Out Tire; Tased Driver Puts Up a Fight

In the made-for-TV movie Duel, a somewhat legendary film for car enthusiasts, Steven Spielberg and Richard Matheson tapped into drivers’ primal fear of being harassed by a malevolent trucker at the wheel of a semi... 1175 days ago

Truth about cars

Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCI Wildtrak Review – An F-150 from Another Universe

Over the last two or three decades, the American full-size pickup truck has morphed into something thoroughly and completely different. What was once utilitarian and practical is now imposing, luxurious. Is it possible ... 1175 days ago

Truth about cars

After Sales Tanked in May, GM Becomes ‘Incentive Santa’ in June

Summer’s here, and it’s never been a better time to please, please buy one of our cars, General Motors wants buyers to know. The automaker plans to roll out a host of incentives during the month of June, Aut... 1176 days ago

Truth about cars

The 200-Mile Electric Car Field Could be Crowded by 2018

If you’re still holding on to that copy of Who Killed the Electric Car? you bought back in your university days, it might be time to toss it in the trash. In just two years, there could be four 200-plus mile elect... 1176 days ago

Truth about cars

Nissan Announces the 2017 GT-R’s Incredible Expanding Price

Nissan’s hot GT-R receives new looks and equipment upgrades for 2017, but it also gets a price that pushes the performance coupe into near-supercar territory. Getting into Nissan’s range-topper will now set ... 1176 days ago

Truth about cars

Toyota and Mercedes-Benz Dealers Ranked Best for Customer Experience, VW is Dead Last

If you want the best chances of being treated right as a new car buyer, head over to a Toyota or Mercedes-Benz dealer, a new report says. Temkin Group, a customer experience research and consulting firm, ranked 294 comp... 1176 days ago

Truth about cars

Real Racing: 2016 FIA World Rallycross (Video)

This past weekend was one of the best in motorsport, with action from the Nurburgring, Monaco, Indy, and Charlotte. Not to be left out, the entertaining FIA Rallycross paid a visit to Lydden Hill in the UK. Next, they’re off to the Hell Circuit (yessir,... 1176 days ago

Truth about cars

Hyundai Teases RM16 Concept, Reminds People It’s Still Planning a Performance Division

Remember the ‘N’ Division, Hyundai’s effort to bring attainable performance to its buyers? No? Hyundai launched the division last September, three years after it created Project RM (Racing Midship) to ... 1176 days ago

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