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Dog Milk

Central news portal with fresh news from the best web pages and blogs around the globe. Read only the best!

Dog Milk

Wool and Canvas Dog Beds from Vackertass Supply Co.

These modern, box-style dog beds from Vackertass Supply Co. are handcrafted with classic, time-tested materials like wool and heavy weight canvas. 1175 days ago

Dog Milk

Braided Linen Rope Collars and Leads from MiaCara

MiaCara's latest collection of collars and leads is handcrafted in Italy from heathered linen rope and full-grain leather. 1176 days ago

Dog Milk

Cute Dog Patches from Kodiak Milly

These super-sweet embroidered patches from Kodiak Milly are like membership badges for the dog-lovers' club. 1177 days ago

Dog Milk

Stylish Training Pads from Metro Paws

House training pads don't have to look like giant white diapers! These pads from Metro Paws feature stylish prints making training less of an eyesore. 1178 days ago

Dog Milk

Illustration by Kanae Sato

Simple yet endearing, Kanae Sato's illustrations of dogs, people, and other wonderful creatures are sure to make you smile. 1182 days ago

Dog Milk

Modern Dog Loungers and Beds from Peach Pet Provisions

We love these modern, hammock-style pet loungers from Peach Pet Provisions! 1183 days ago

Dog Milk

Modern Dog Accessories from Citizen x Hound

Inspired by the unique cultures in and around their home base of NYC, Citizen x Hound's dog accessories are aimed at modern pups of all stripes! 1184 days ago

Dog Milk

Summer Shirts and Bandanas from Dog Threads

Dog Threads' tropical shirts and bandanas are perfect for summer BBQs! Plus, a portion of all proceeds goes to Secondhand Hounds dog rescue. 1185 days ago

Dog Milk

Colorful Leather Collars & Leashes from Nice Digs

Nice Digs' collection of leather dog collars and leads feature multi-color studded spikes and colorful, hand-painted patterns. 1186 days ago

Dog Milk

Spotted: A Great Dane and A Yorkie Share a Colorful New Mexico Home

Despite the huge difference in physical stature, Luka the Yorkie and Liberty the Great Dane share a colorful, plant-filled home in New Mexico. 1189 days ago

Dog Milk

Modern Raised Dog Feeders from Claymark Furniture

Modern raised feeders from Claymark Furniture are both functional and beautiful. 1190 days ago

Dog Milk

Adjustable Elevated Dog Feeders from Messy Mutts

Messy Mutts' raised feeder comes with 3 sets of legs at varying heights, so you can adjust the feeder height as your dog grows. 1191 days ago

Dog Milk

Luxury Dog Blankets from Umbala

These modern, geometric pet blankets from Umbala are super soft and durable, while still looking good in your home! 1192 days ago

Dog Milk

Instagram Love: Paws on the Run

Our latest Instagram obsession is Paws on the Run, an account that follows the adventures of 3 furry pups living and loving life in Alberta, Canada. 1193 days ago

Dog Milk

Review: Kurgo Lawn Games Toy Collection

Kurgo's first collection of nontoxic, floating dog toys is inspired by classic lawn games like badminton and horseshoes! Check out our review. 1196 days ago

Dog Milk

The Present: An Animated Short Film by Jacob Frey

Jacob Frey's animated short "The Present" has garnered accolades & awards at festivals across the world & may be just the thing to brighten your week! 1197 days ago

Dog Milk

Dog Photography by Kristen Turick

Kristen Turick is a pet photographer specializing in candid dog portraits, with an eye towards capturing special moments and intimate details. 1198 days ago

Dog Milk

Pet-Friendly Indoor/Outdoor Daybed from Deesawat

This indoor/outdoor daybed from Deesawat features a modular pet den that can be moved to create various seating arrangements. 1199 days ago

Dog Milk

CuBowl: Antimicrobial Copper Water Bowls

The CuBowl utilizes copper's natural antimicrobial properties so you never have to worry about slimy water bowls again! 1200 days ago

Dog Milk

Waterproof Dog Beds from Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home has been handcrafting mattresses in California for over 30 years, and now they're turning their attention to the dogs! 1203 days ago

Dog Milk

Skechers Bobs Best Friends Edition

Special-edition Bobs slip-ons from Skechers benefit Best Friends Animal Society. 1204 days ago

Dog Milk

The Scoop: Branch Freedman and Gimli

Branch Freedman is one half of Gamla, a contemporary home object design studio whose line of modern dog dens and feeders is inspired by his pup Gimli! 1205 days ago

Dog Milk

Dog Bandanas from Max Bone

Max Bone's new bandanas are perfect for special occasions or every day style! 1206 days ago

Dog Milk

Dog Photography by Shaina Fishman

NYC-based animal photographer Shaina Fishman perfectly captures the unique personalities of the dogs in her collection of canine portraits. 1207 days ago

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