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Central news portal with fresh news from the best web pages and blogs around the globe. Read only the best!


Headache for Angela Merkel as German president Joachim Gauck quits

Former East German civil rights activist to retire from office, despite appeals across political spectrum for him to stayGermany’s president, Joachim Gauck, has announced he will not stand for a second term in office, p... 1352 days ago


John Cale review – the Velvets' epic sound electrifies the Welsh valleys

St David’s Hall, CardiffThe relentlessly innovative Velvet Underground star launched Cardiff’s Festival of Voice with the help of a choir, chamber orchestra and Charlotte ChurchFor Wales to launch its Festival of Voice ... 1352 days ago


Chris Evans slams Top Gear’s critics as catch-up viewing lifts ratings

BBC presenter accuses his detractors of ‘living in the past’ after audience for series opener rises to more than 6 millionChris Evans has hit out at Top Gear’s critics after catch-up viewing pushed the ratings figures f... 1352 days ago


Is fat-shaming male celebrities a sign of gender equality?

The tabloids have targeted Hugh Grant and Johnny Depp for the crime of ageing. This isn’t quite the feminist dream realised … Plus, who on earth is Poppy Delevingne?We all know it’s bad to fat-shame women. But I’ve seen... 1352 days ago


The Louvre's closure proves art cannot survive climate change

The flooding in Paris is a stark warning of the danger posed by climate change to everything human civilisation has achieved – no matter how priceless Related: Strikes, floods, protests and sense of betrayal pile on mis... 1352 days ago


Is the European Union demanding even more of our money?

Boris Johnson says British taxpayers face a ‘triple whammy of woe’ if the UK remains in the EU. How true is this claim?The European Union is “demanding even more of our money”, the leave campaign is claiming. According ... 1352 days ago


I wrote to him – address: 'Muhammad Ali, USA'. A month later, the great man replied

Muhammad Ali had the presence of Brando, Elvis and JFK combined, but he was also kind enough to respond to a besotted 14-year-old fan 3,000 miles awayBy Paul Gibson for The Balls of Wrath, part of the Guardian Sport Net... 1352 days ago


Labour seeks further concessions on snooper's charter

Shadow cabinet to decide on Tuesday whether to back Theresa May’s investigatory powers billLabour has told the home secretary, Theresa May, that she will have to make further concessions over her snooper’s charter if th... 1352 days ago


BHS is going. But the old-fashioned pleasures of department stores remain | Lindsay Mackie

The loss of BHS, founded in 1928, is a reminder of an era when shopping could be social, local and fun. In shops such as Boswells and Selbys, it still isIt’s the beginning of the end for 163 BHS stores, which have been ... 1352 days ago


Why is Facebook trying to force you to use its Messenger app?

Soon Facebook’s smartphone users will have to install its separate app to chat, as social network phases out mobile web version. But what’s in it for Zuckerberg and co?Facebook is forcing users of its mobile site to ins... 1352 days ago


101-year-old man in court to face historical child abuse charges

Ralph Clarke, believed to be Britain’s oldest defendant, pleaded not guilty to 31 charges at Birmingham crown courtA 101-year-old man thought to be the oldest defendant in British legal history has denied committing a s... 1352 days ago


Ecstasy victim's mother makes appeal to find supplier

Michelle Shevlin says death of her 22-year-old daughter Stephanie in Crewe at the weekend was soul-destroyingThe mother of a woman who died after taking ecstasy at a nightclub rave has made an emotional appeal to find o... 1352 days ago


Cody Wilson: the man who wants Americans to print their own 3D guns

The 28-year-old is the face of open-source 3D gun design, an online movement advocating homemade weapons – ones that can shoot very real, deadly bulletsCody Wilson doesn’t look dangerous. There’s a slight gap between hi... 1352 days ago


David Cameron: leave vote would be economic 'bomb' for UK

PM appears alongside Harriet Harman, Natalie Bennett and Tim Farron warning Brexit would be self-inflicted economic explosionLeaving the EU would detonate a bomb under the British economy, David Cameron has said as he j... 1352 days ago


The Taming of the Shrew review – a lovable take on a dislik​able play

Shakespeare’s Globe, LondonAoife Duffin is an electrifying Kate in Caroline Byrne’s splendid Irish version, which injects touches of Yeats, Wilde and Beckett Shakespeare’s comedy of Petruchio’s plot to woo the unmarriag... 1352 days ago


Jordan says intelligence officers killed in refugee camp attack

Government says five dead in attack on intelligence services office at Baqa’a camp near AmmanFive people have been killed in an attack on an office of Jordan’s intelligence services at a refugee camp near the capital, A... 1352 days ago


Richard Huckle given 22 life sentences for abusing Malaysian children

Huckle, 30, will serve at least 25 years afer admitting 71 offences against children aged between six months and 12 yearsOne of Britain’s worst paedophiles, who abused up to 200 Malaysian children and posted videos of h... 1352 days ago


Ian Poulter named as Europe’s fourth Ryder Cup vice-captain for Hazeltine

• Englishman ruled out for around fourth months with foot problem• Poulter has helped win four of the five Ryder Cups he has contestedIan Poulter has been named as one of Europe’s vice-captains for the Ryder Cup at Haze... 1352 days ago


The overselling of financial transaction taxes

A ‘Robin Hood tax’ would not have stopped the 2008 financial crisis. We need better regulation of financial markets and a progressive tax on consumptionHowever November’s US presidential election turns out, one proposal that will probably live on is the intro... 1352 days ago


Is the European Union good or bad for British workers? | Frances O’Grady and Enrico Tortolano

With the referendum looming, Frances O’Grady and Enrico Tortolano debate whether the EU protects employee rights, or champions corporate interests Continue reading... 1352 days ago


On the anniversary of D-day, we need the European Union more than ever | Harry Leslie Smith and Eddie Izzard

It would be a reckless leap into the dark to walk away from an organisation that has helped keep th... 1352 days ago


Chris Evans’ Top Gear loses a third of its audience

BBC show draws fewer than 3 million viewers – its lowest audience for at least a decadeChris Evans’ Top Gear suffered a big drop in its viewing figures for its second episode, drawing what is thought to be its lowest au... 1352 days ago


The pocket-money pay gap paves the way for a lifetime of inequality | Helen Whitehouse

It’s no surprise that boys ask for and receive on average 13% more pocket money than girls. We need to encourage women to speak up for what they wantResearch has shown boys get more pocket money than girls even from a v... 1352 days ago


Glastonbury 2016 to introduce women-only venue

The Sisterhood, in the festival’s Shangri-La zone, will offer live music, workshops and DIY classes to female festivalgoersThe 2016 Glastonbury festival will feature its first ever women-only venue. Called The Sisterhood, it has been described by the organise... 1352 days ago


In a traumatised Netherlands, faith in the EU is plummeting | Joris Luyendijk

A crisis of confidence in liberalism has left support for immigration and the European project at a very low ebb in this once progressive and optimistic nation • View all articles in our EU voices seriesOnce a beacon of... 1352 days ago


Whitney: the band that’s sensitive on the inside, lairy on the outside

The Chicago group are bringing back indie fever with a combination of lyrical introspection and raucous partyingIn a canary-yellow taco joint deep within Chicago’s hipster capital, Logan Square, Whitney drummer and voca... 1352 days ago

Live Science

Animal Mating: How Scorpions Do It

Scorpion sex usually involves peaceful dancing, but sometimes can also include stinging and cannibalism. 1352 days ago


Four Thai men jailed for beating British family unconscious

Lewis and Rosemary Owen, aged 68 and 65, were visiting Hua Hin with their son, Lewis, 43, when they were attacked in April A court in Thailand has sentenced four men to two years in prison for a vicious assault on a hol... 1352 days ago


How to live like a billionaire on the cheap

From private islands that can be yours for as little as £100,000, to yachts and jets to rent for just £90 a pop, the luxury lifestyle isn’t so exclusive after allIf you’re struggling to get a mortgage, paying exorbitant rental prices, or simply in need of a g... 1352 days ago

Live Science

Obsessed with Reality TV? You May Be a Narcissist

Regardless of how much TV they watched, people who liked political talk shows, reality shows, sporting events and horror shows tended to score higher in narcissism. 1352 days ago

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