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Central news portal with fresh news from the best web pages and blogs around the globe. Read only the best!


Is our love of connectivity turning Britons off sex? | Nell Frizzell, Daisy Buchanan, Rupert Myers and Flic Everett

Are Britons really having less sex because they’re too busy streaming Game of Thrones or Breaking B... 1352 days ago


Sex Object review – Jessica Valenti shares a story women know all too well

One of the country’s best-known feminists reflects on the lasting effects of street harassment in a memoir that serves as a call for changeIt’s almost summertime, which means that it’s also time once again for many wome... 1352 days ago


I’m only 20 but I have a low sex drive

I have never reached orgasm, and I avoided sexual intercourse in my last relationship. Is anxiety to blame?I have just turned 20, and I find that, for my age, I have a very low sex drive. I have tried masturbation, but I have never reached orgasm. In my ... 1352 days ago


My boyfriend is messing around… with my employee | Mariella Frostrup

A woman is unsettled by her boyfriend being unfaithful. Mariella Frostrup says she should call him out on his bad behaviourThe dilemma I can’t tell if I’m being a control freak or walked all over. I’ve been with my part... 1353 days ago


Adam Golightly has a sudden urge to jump into a hot tub with a swimsuit model

He finds some people expect him to behave a certain way, as if there’s a script of behaviours suitable for the recently bereaved husbandRuth, my kind and unflappable bereavement counsellor was looking a little “flappy”.... 1354 days ago


My 11-year-old son steals, lies and gets into trouble – is he a sociopath?

He doesn’t understand the impact of his behaviour on other people. And I fear he has inherited my personality. Annalisa Barbieri advises a readerWe have two children and the older one is 11. He has been slow to pick up ... 1355 days ago

Your Tango

9 Relationship 'Rules' The Happiest Couples Break On The Reg

Photo: weheartit That age-old relationship advice passed down from generation to generation may not be as sound as you'd think. Keywords: Relationships, couplesBookmark/Share this post with: read more 1356 days ago

Your Tango

What To Do When You Screw Up with Your Partner

You messed up. You really blew it. Your partner is giving you heck about it, seething with disappointment and hurt. Guilt washes over you, as your conscious reminds you that you didn’t keep your word or your end of a commitment. Or quite adversely—a more flip... 1357 days ago


US survey shows dramatic rise in acceptance of same-sex relationships

Acceptance of same-sex sexual activity has nearly quadrupled since 1990, while adults reporting at least one same-sex partner has also increasedUS public acceptance of sexual activity between two adults of the same sex ... 1357 days ago


Getting off offline: when porn gets in the way of a real-world relationship

Many believe that porn is addictive, and that the endless stream of on-demand internet erotica makes real-life sexual experiences not stimulating enoughGregor Schmidinger was eight when he viewed his first porn magazine... 1359 days ago


I’ve stopped feeling any sensation during sex

I was sexually abused as a child and now my partner and I are in therapy, which has left me feeling very frustratedAbout two and a half years ago, I stopped feeling any sensation during sex, both on my own and with my partner. I was sexually abused as a child... 1360 days ago


Jessica Valenti: my life as a ‘sex object’

In her teens, strangers flashed her on the subway, teachers asked for hugs and boys joked about her breasts. Should she laugh off a lifetime of objectification – or get angry? The two worst times for dicks on the New York subway: when the train car is empty o... 1361 days ago


Since my wife’s death, I realise I no longer give a toss

Parked outside a bank, Adam Golightly realises his worldview has shiftedIt’s time to pretend that the world isn’t totally shit by returning to work, and I’m worried. Since Helen’s funeral, I’ve been digging out a routin... 1361 days ago


From knitting to BDSM: readers on where to find a sense of community

As people distance themselves from organised religion, we asked you about your communities and what they meanNew analysis has found that people who identify as non-religious outnumber the Christian population in England... 1362 days ago

Your Tango

Why self-love is SO important.

Self-Love is not: SELFISH It doesn’t mean you can’t love another When we are in love with ourselves, then we can love everyone and everything forever.     Self-Love is not how few wrinkles you have, or how big or small your belly is, or your muscles, or how m... 1465 days ago

Your Tango

Kegel Exercises

You have most likely heard of Kegel exercise, often also referred to as Kegel exercises, though the context in which you’ve heard of them may take quite a number of forms.Bookmark/Share this post with: read more 1520 days ago

Your Tango

My Meddling Mother-In-Law Won't Let My Husband Get A Vasectomy

Photo: iStock When it comes to choosing birth control for your family in the form of a vasectomy, the last person you expect to object is your mother-in-law. Keywords: reproductive health, vasectomy, birth control, fami... 1521 days ago

Your Tango

3 Steamy Sex Secrets Your Husband's Afraid To Tell You

Photo: weheartit We spoke to six married men to find out what they don't say to their wives. Keywords: sex, husband, MarriageBookmark/Share this post with: read more 1523 days ago

Your Tango

The 6 Cringeworthy Stages Of Reaallyyyy Bad Sex

weheartit Here are the six stages every woman goes through while she's dealing with a round of horrifically awful sex. Keywords: sexBookmark/Share this post with: read more 1523 days ago

Your Tango

8 Big, Red-Alert Signs Your Vagina Is SERIOUSLY Unhealthy

Photo: weheartit Our vagina relies on us to keep her healthy, but if she's unhealthy or is experiencing problems, she may need medical attention. Keywords: vagina, vaginal health, women, vagina health, sex, stdsBookmark... 1524 days ago

Your Tango

5 Steps To Take When You're Not Getting The Sex You Really Want

Photo: weheartit This advice comes from two different readers who had such wise advice on the topic of one partner’s decreasing libido in a new relationship. Keywords: sexBookmark/Share this post with: read more 1524 days ago

Your Tango

Confessions of A Straight Man Who Loves Giving Blowjobs

Like any straight male with a pulse, I’ve always enjoyed watching the occasional girl on girl porn. But I never would have imagined just how drastically one lesbian scene could change my sex life forever. Both girls wer... 1526 days ago

Your Tango

5 Sex Moves That Are Actually Pretty Deadly

weheartit Though sex is amazing and orgasms will never go out of style, it can also be bad for your health. Here are a few sex positions to avoid — or else. Keywords: sex, sex positionsBookmark/Share this post with: read more 1527 days ago

Your Tango

5 Sex Moves That Are Actually Pretty Deadly

Photo: weheartit Though sex is amazing and orgasms will never go out of style, it can also be bad for your health. Here are a few sex positions to avoid — or else. Keywords: sex, sex positionsBookmark/Share this post with: read more 1527 days ago

Your Tango

The Ultimate All-in-One Tantric Holiday Gift

Have you been racking your brain about finding the right holiday gift for the women in your life? Are you open to explore a more juicy out-of-the box gift idea? If so, then consider this juicy out-of-the box Tantric Holiday surprise for your beloved, your sis... 1531 days ago

Your Tango

4 Fun Sex Positions That'll Get You RIGHT To Her G-Spot

weheartit For a lot of women, the G-spot acts like an internal clitoris. These 4 fun sex positions will ensure her orgasm and tons of fun for you both! Keywords: sex, sex positions, G-SpotBookmark/Sha... 1531 days ago

Your Tango

How to Keep a Man Wanting More – 6 Obvious Moves

Could there be 6 simple things that a woman could do to keep her man wanting more and more? 5 actions that would increase your odds exponentially to keep your man interested for life? Yes there is and I have them right here! They are simple, and they are almo... 1531 days ago

Your Tango

6 Sexless Marriage Myths Shattered!

Can a sexless marriage be a happy one? This question is an urgent one for the millions of men and women in sexless marriages. A recent article in The Telegraph has drawn global attention to the issue, opening the floodgates for couples seeking help. As online... 1532 days ago

Your Tango

7 Smart Reasons You Should QUIT Porn And Read Erotica Instead

weheartit If you're using porn to turn yourself on, consider these ways that reading erotica stories is WAY better than pornography. Keywords: erotica, erotic stories, literotica, sex stories, pornBoo... 1534 days ago

Your Tango

6 Ways to Make Safe Sex Sexier and Maximize Pleasure with Condoms

At Lucky Bloke, we truly believe there are plenty of solutions when sex with condoms doesn’t feel sexy and sensational. Checking off each of these genius tips will help maximize pleasure. Bottom line: if you want to mak... 1535 days ago

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