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Central news portal with fresh news from the best web pages and blogs around the globe. Read only the best!

Open Culture

1,300 Photos of Famous Modern American Homes Now Online, Courtesy of USC

“For average prospective house owners the choice between the hysterics who hope to solve housing problems by magic alone and those who attempt to ride into the future piggy back on the status quo, the situation is confu... 1352 days ago

Boing Boing

John Oliver buys and forgives $15M in medical debt, illustrates horrors of America's debt-collectors

John Oliver now holds the American record for largest single giveaway in history, doubling Oprah's ... 1352 days ago

Boing Boing

Stanford rapist's dad says jail time is "a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action"

The father of Brock Turner, convicted of raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, told the court that imprisonment would be "a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action" (more…) 1352 days ago

Boing Boing

David Byrne wants you to register to vote, and wants everyone else to, too

Former Talking Heads frontman and happiest of all the mutants David Byrne has a great post up about voter suppression, voter registration, and the state of American politics. (more…) 1352 days ago

Boing Boing

Monsters from The Grudge and The Ring square off for first pitch at Japanese baseball game

A promo for "Sadako vs. Kayako," a forthcoming movie in which the monsters from J-horror classics The Ring and The Grudge fight one another, saw the two of them playing out the ceremonial first pitch at a Nippon-Ham Fig... 1352 days ago

Boing Boing

Jacob Appelbaum, Tor developer and Wikileaks staffer, resigns amid sex abuse claims

Appelbaum, whose work has put him in the crosshairs of his own government and foreign states, resigned from the Tor project on Friday, accompanied by a short note from Tor executive director Shari Steele. (more…) 1352 days ago

Boing Boing

Britons! The Snoopers Charter is being debated today! Tweet your MP!

Today, Parliament is debating the Snoopers Charter, a wide-ranging mass-scale domestic surveillance law that allows government agencies to peer into the most intimate details of your life, conscripting internet and tech... 1352 days ago

Art newspaper

Object lessons: from Scottish roses to a Danish cocktail bar cabinet

Samuel John Peploe, Still-life of Roses in a Green Vase (around 1924) Scottish Paintings and Sculpture, Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh, 9 June Estimate £120,000-£180,000 Between the 1920s and the 1940s, Walter Qua... 1353 days ago

Boing Boing

Quick way to clean stove burner grates with ammonia and plastic bags

If you have gunked-up stove burner grates, this might do the trick. I wonder if it works for barbecue grills, too? 1353 days ago

Boing Boing

Happy 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' day

Evidently June 5th was the day Ferris took off. SAVE FERRIS 1353 days ago

Art newspaper

Shake up in Moscow’s contemporary art scene

Mikhail Mindlin, the former director of Moscow’s National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), has been questioned by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) in connection with a corruption investigation that has already landed a deputy culture minister in pr... 1354 days ago

Boing Boing

Trump: "Look at my African-American over here, look at him"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told rally attendees in Redding, California that he will get "tremendous" support from African-American voters. As proof, he pointed to someone at said, "look at my African... 1354 days ago

Boing Boing

How you make excuses in order to maintain your beliefs

Without realizing it, you sometimes apply a double standard to the things you love, believe, and consider crucial to your identity. If you do this while arguing, it is sometimes called special pleading. You search for e... 1354 days ago

Boing Boing

Easily build games with the AGFPRO Game Creator & DLC Bundle - only $9.99

In the past, only the most hardcore of programmers could tackle the complexity of building virtual worlds -- but that's changed with platforms like the AGFPRO 3.0 Game Creator, now available for just $9.99 (90% off). W... 1354 days ago

Boing Boing

Muhammad Ali, RIP

Muhammad Ali, three-time world heavyweight boxing champion and cultural icon, died today at 74. He was the greatest. From the New York Times: Ali was the most thrilling if not the best heavyweight ever, carrying into the ring a physically lyrical, unorthod... 1355 days ago

Art newspaper

The Grand Palais closes as the Seine continues to rise

The Grand Palais has joined the Louvre and the Orsay on the list of major cultural sites in Paris to close due to flood risk from the rising Seine River after days of heavy rainfall. The massive exhibition space, locate... 1355 days ago

Boing Boing

Controlled chaos in Ethiopia intersection

Meskel Square in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia doesn't appear to have traffic signs, yet drivers and pedestrians do a good job of making it from one side to the other without dying or killing someone. 1355 days ago

Boing Boing

Hot Wheels retro Mystery Machine

Just like the Mystery Machine I had when I was a kid. I traded it to Takumi Kobayashi for some blue edition star wars cards. Quality on the van is great. Evidently retro Hot Wheels are just like we remember. Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Diecast The Myster... 1355 days ago

Boing Boing

How to make a smoke bomb cocktail

In this video, Cocktail Chemistry lab shows you how to fill a hollow ice sphere with smoke, so you can crack or melt it open when the drink is served. Instructions here. 1355 days ago

Boing Boing

Flash drive with USB and Lightning connector

I like to watch videos (especially magic trick instruction videos) on my iPhone but I don't like using iTunes to transfer movie files to my phone. (I don't like using iTunes for any reason because it is a terrible application.) For the last couple of years, I... 1355 days ago

Boing Boing

1950s TV show exposes medical quacks

Confidential File was a television series that ran from 1953-1959, hosted by Paul Coates. In the episode above, they tackle quack medical treatments and devices. And here's a sensational episode of the program created to scare people about comic books, which... 1355 days ago

Boing Boing

Remember Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years?

Meet Danica McKellar who as an undergraduate in college co-published a paper titled "Percolation and Gibbs states multiplicity for ferromagnetic Ashkin-Teller models on Z2," research that resulted in the Chayes–McKellar–Winn theorem. Oh yeah, before that, McK... 1355 days ago

Boing Boing

Defense lawyers: the FBI made us use a copy-shop that made secret copies for the government

Attorneys for Dr Salo Schapiro, on trial in Miami for Medicare fraud, says that the FBI and the US Attorney have engaged in a decade-long conspiracy to improperly gain access to confidential defense documents, in a sche... 1355 days ago

Boing Boing

Night Vale shorts that say "Creepy" on the butt

Available as shorts ($25) or pants ($42), and they say "Creepy" on the butt, because they come from Night Vale, where "creepy" is a superlative. (more…) 1355 days ago

Open Culture

Hear Amanda Palmer’s Cover of “Purple Rain,” a Gorgeous Stringfelt Send-Off to Prince

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life… It must have crossed Prince’s mind that the day would surely come when fans would mine his eternally memorable opener to 1984’s “Let’s Go... 1355 days ago

Boing Boing

History podcasters occasionally mention women, butthurt dudes complain it's "all women"

There's a well-studied phenomenon that men overestimate even occasional participation by, or mention of, women, but in case you had any doubt... (more…) 1355 days ago

Boing Boing

Neil Gaiman on Douglas Adams

Neil Gaiman's third book was a history of the Hitchhikers Guide the Galaxy called Don't Panic, which Adams described as "devastatingly true - except the bits that are lies." (more…) 1355 days ago

Boing Boing

After a coup, a judgment: Brazil's "interim president" barred from holding office for 8 years

Last month, a controversial political machination at the top levels of Brazil's government saw the removal of its elected left-wing president, Dilma Rousseff, and her replacement with an appointed, neoliberal "interim p... 1355 days ago

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