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Central news portal with fresh news from the best web pages and blogs around the globe. Read only the best!


Watch T-Mobile's Un-carrier 11 video stream here - CNET

What does T-Mobile have in store for us? CEO John Legere will spill the details at 1 pm ET/10 am PT. 1352 days ago


Fox apologizes for 'X-Men' promo images of Jennifer Lawrence being choked - CNET

The studio says it will remove materials that caused a social-media uproar. 1352 days ago


BlackBerry Priv is faring worse than expected - CNET

An executive at carrier partner AT&T admits the Priv phone is "really struggling" and suffers a disappointing rate of returns. 1352 days ago


Father's Day idea: Get a Nomad powered wallet for $50.96 - CNET

From the Cheapskate: Originally $99.99, this wallet features a built-in 2,400mAh battery and a Lightning cable. This dad likes it quite a bit. 1352 days ago

Tech crunch

Unscaling politics

 America’s two major political parties are in the process of being unscaled. They’re being pulled apart and disrupted like so many other industries and institutions today. Pundits blame Donald Trump for the turmoil plaguing the Republican par... 1352 days ago


2016 Audi TTS review - Roadshow

This lithe little coupe offers a ridiculous amount of fun when pushed to the limit. 1352 days ago

Tech crunch

Supreme Court rejects Google appeal in class action lawsuit from advertisers

 The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal from Google to throw out a class action lawsuit from California advertisers. Those advertisers are alleging that by not informing them that ads purchased throu... 1352 days ago

Tech crunch

Dashlane launches a password management tool for the enterprise

 Keeping your passwords safe, updated, strong and less vulnerable to hacks is a challenge for everyone – even a few of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s online accounts were hacked over the weekend, for ex... 1352 days ago


Now hear this? Sprint spins a twist on a Verizon pitch - CNET

Technically Incorrect: The man who asked "Can You Hear Me Now?" for Verizon was an advertising icon. Sprint may now be asking too much of him. 1352 days ago

Tech crunch

China’s Bitauto raises $300M, with Baidu, JD.com and Tencent each chipping in $50M

 As the on-demand transportation industry continues to heat up in China, one of the bigger online marketplaces for cars is also capitalizing on the growth. Bitauto Holdings — which both operates a giant car m... 1352 days ago

How to geek

How to Protect Documents and PDF Files with Owner and User Passwords in LibreOffice

There are two ways to protect a PDF file: an owner password and a user password. We’ll explain the purpose of each and show you how to apply them to your PDF files.Click Here to Continue Reading 1352 days ago


SoftBank to sell most of its stake in 'Puzzle & Dragons' maker GungHo - CNET

The move comes a week after the telecommunications giant announced plans to sell part of its stake in Alibaba. 1352 days ago


Sprint’s New Ads Are Going Right for Verizon’s Throat

The "Can you hear me now?" guy has switched sides 1352 days ago


Mercedes' E-Class Wagon is the smartest 7-seater in the world

Ladies and gentlemen, you're now looking at the smartest wagon in the world. SEE ALSO: Nissan topped 300 donuts with 2,800 pounds of sprinkles using a sports car Mercedes-Benz revealed Monday morning that it will be bri... 1352 days ago

Tech crunch

Xbox One is getting Cortana in summer update

 Apple TV has Siri. Fire TV has Alexa. And now the Xbox will have Microsoft’s own virtual assistant, Cortana. The company announced this morning a summer update for its Xbox One that will include support for Cortana along with other improvements ai... 1352 days ago


Bank accounts hit by remote PC attacks

Remote login software TeamViewer beefs up its security controls following a spate of users reporting their accounts hacked. 1352 days ago


Ibtihaj Muhammad parries her way to Olympic fencing dreams - CNET

CNET chats with the US Olympic fencer on breaking barriers, staying connected and wearing techie jewelry. 1352 days ago


Amazon-driven services hit by blackout

Domino's pizza app and several other online services stop working when an Amazon data centre suffers a power cut. 1352 days ago


Facebook pushes Messenger app

Facebook users on Android platforms are being notified that they will no longer be able to access private messages without the Messenger app. 1352 days ago

Tech crunch

SoftBank is selling almost all of its shares in games firm GungHo for $685M

 SoftBank is continuing to divest some of its major shareholdings after the Japanese firm announced plans to sell around $685 million in stock from games firm GungHo. Read More 1352 days ago


Silk Road 2.0 staff member jailed in US

An American who helped run a successor to the Silk Road drug marketplace is sentenced to eight years in jail. 1352 days ago


Going global: Netflix looks to India for its next original series - CNET

It comes after the company announced original content from Germany and Argentina earlier this year. 1352 days ago


Deutsche Bank ends plans for U.S. digital bank: memo

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank is ending plans to set up a new digital banking service in the United States, according to an internal memo from Chief Executive John Cryan. 1352 days ago

Tech crunch

South Korean home cleaning startup Miso joins Y Combinator’s new class

 Miso, a home cleaning service in South Korea, wants to sweep up some ambitious growth goals after being accepted into Y Combinator’s summer class. The startup’s founders will join the accelerator progr... 1352 days ago


Could a robot do your job? – video explainer

Robots and automated systems are getting faster, better and cheaper by the day. A study of US jobs has found that 47% are threatened by automation in the next 20 years. So what can robots already do? What jobs are safe? And what will we do all day if we don’t... 1352 days ago

Tech crunch

Swiss reject universal basic income in public referendum

 The people of Switzerland have rejected a proposal to give a universal basic income (UBI) to every citizen, with almost 77 per cent saying ‘no’ vs 23 per cent in favor. Read More 1352 days ago

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